Manager vs Leader (pt.1)

“What is the difference between Manager & Leader?”

S. McGannon wrote: A great manager is a tactician, capable of planning his next three moves, and contingencies for each. A great leader is someone who is capable of seeing the field, articulating the goals, weighing the tactics against these goals, and being so human and approachable that people want to crawl across broken glass to accomplish them. They are not mutually exclusive; but are certainly rare in combination.

M. Al Zoubi wrote: Management is working in the system; Leadership is working on the System. Managers gain authority by position; Leaders gains it by influence and character. Management is reaching goals; Leadership is fulfilling a vision.
Management cares about efficiency; Leadership is concerned with effectiveness.

S. Slater wrote: A manager get things done via planning and delegation. Tasks are assigned and results are obtained via others efforts. A leader get things done by holding a vision, modeling behaviors and inspiring action.

J. Tucker wrote: You master leadership in your own way because it is a role. Then when you are the manager they blend together. (This after only two Rolling Rocks…I should run for president….)

S. Chapple wrote: In my view management is about ensuring a process is delivered efficiently and leadership is about influencing change. A manager is at times a leader and a leader is at times a manager.

M.Leiter wrote: Management comforts; leadership inspires. Don’t know if it’s better, but it’s shorter

S. Greer wrote: Good Managers do what it takes to make the Leader look good. And a Good Leader hires the type of Manager that understands that.

S. Seecharan wrote: I would have to say, an individual that is in a position of Management accepted responsibility to effectively run an organization. They do not have to supervise groups of people, however, they sometime do. And it can be that way at the macro and micro level(s). Leaders are also responsible parties, however, their are many types. And one of their responsibilities is to be directional. Here’s an example: A Sales Manager has a team of 30 people. The manager needs assistance in facilitating cold-calls. The group of 30 is broken in to groups of 10. And the sales person with the highest sales is appointed Team Leader. Their duty is to assist others negotiate and close deals. Management focus is on running an organization. Leaders focus on commanding a group to run the organization.




change never happen without action


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